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At Pickaxe, our goal isn't just to sell hardware, but to create mutually benificial relationships with our clients. Leverage our longstanding partnerships, extensive industry knowledge, and access to exclusive opportunities for empowering cryptocurrency projects. 

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Why Choose Pickaxe?

Store your new mining rig at one of our facilities and make your investment truly hands free. Have our specialized technicians maintain and manage your machines, update algorithms, and minitoring hardware to ensure both maximum profitability and continuous uptime.


Our private client services give you direct access to our team for any questions, issues, or ideas that may come up. Partner with us and choose Pickaxe to be your premier partner in the mining space. 


We’ve been developing  partnerships in the crypto mining industry since 2016, giving our team access to exclusive opportunities and pricing that we’re happy to pass onto our clients.


We believe that every successful business is built on integrity and clear communication which is why we always strive to give you the best possible solution - even if it means giving up our own revenue.
North American ASIC Miner Hosting

We offer hosting services across North America, and our years of experience in IT infrastructure allow us to bring you exceptional value at a profitable price point. We make it easy for partners to white label our solutions and create and scale their own industrial grade mining operations.



Get industry expertise and recommendations on data center design, power contracts, and electrical infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting out or you're building out an industrial operation, we can help you succeed.

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Utilize our expertise with world class facility infrastructure. Access our turnkey data center concepts and our experience in project planning, equipment procurement, and facility build out. 

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Utilize our expertiece to identifying locations in close proximity to cost-effective energy sources, source long-term power purchase agreements, and build/manage scalable crypto mining facilities.

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